Signals Vol 9. Pat Bosman


Track List

Alex Falk – Anjuna [Mister Saturday Night Records]
Efdemin – Yunan [Dial]
Mood II Swing – Move Me [Music For Your Ears]
Dexter – 66 [Dolly Deluxe]
DSC – The Furnace [Holding Hands]
Privacy – U Can Tell [Klakson]
214 – Sound Moments [Dolly Deluxe]
Kris Wadsworth – 666 B1 [Uranus]
Zadig – Manic Mansion [Syncrophone Recordings]
Circling Vultures – Birth of Tragedy [LIES]
Factory Floor – How You Say (Bookworms Remix) [DFA]
Drexciya – You Don’t Know [UR]
Claro Intelecto – Hurt [Delsin]
Matrixxman – I Am Matrix [Dekmantel]
Developer – Natives [Failsafe]
Pascal Hetzel – Extra Terra [Expansion Unit]
Shawn Rudiman – 75 All The Way [Pittsburgh Tracks]
ERP – Ancient Light (The Exaltics Remix) [Solar One Music]
Brother From Another Planet – Harmonic Oscillation [7th City]
R.Rash – Smoking Jakkit [Trelik]
Transllusion – Disrupted Neural Gateway [Supremat]
Privacy – Four IO [Klakson]

What went into making this mix? Any special inspiration or process?

I’ve been very excited to see the recent resurgence and attention being paid to electro lately. It’s been especially fun discovering lots of great new tracks and artists in the genre that are really expanding the style and not just aping the classics. One example is the stellar Dolly Deluxe comps that came out last year, there are so many great tracks over those releases (I’ve included two in this mix.) I really wanted to showcase these in this mix, but do it in my own way. It’s a mix of techno and electro, new and old stuff, just how I like to play. It was also a blast to include stuff from friends and acquaintances I’ve made over the past 5 years since relocating to Chicago. It actually took me quite a while to get this one right and was a bit of a journey from start to finish, so here’s hoping it takes the listener on a journey as well!

What is new on the horizon for you, Planet Chicago and The NBF?

The past year has been one of transition for the entire NBFC crew, seeing us move away from throwing as many underground events. After an amazing 4 year run we have now also decided to end the Planet Chicago series as it exists at Smart Bar.
However, we are very excited for what 2018 holds as we look to return our focus to our true home, the Chicago underground. We are also planning to expand our Industry Brunch day parties to other cities, and are close to finalizing our plans for the annual IB in Detroit during the festival. We are also super excited to welcome recent Buffalo transplant Alicia Greco to the NBFC crew and can’t wait to work our magic together.
For myself personally I’m looking forward to continuing to visit and play both new places and old favorites. Being able to travel, meet new people, and add to my Techno Family is one of the real privileges of DJing.


A member of Chicago’s Naughty Bad Fun Collective and resident of Smart Bar’s Planet Chicago night with Sassmouth and Jarvi, Pat has contributed in many ways to Chicago’s underground scene since relocating there a few short years ago. If he’s not behind the decks or on the dance floor, he’s probably off planning your next favorite party.