Signals Vol 5. Derek Plaslaiko

What went into making this mix?
Honestly, I think less preparation goes into the long ones for me, as weird as that might sound. These days, when I’m doing an all-night set, quite a bit of it will be off the CDJ’s rather than vinyl because I can only bring 1 bag of records with me and I’m usually pulling them in Berlin. Plus, I have to think of the other shows I’m doing on that tour, as well. So, the vinyl usually acts as a base to go on and the CDJ’s end up filling in the gaps. Before the show, I’ll spend a few hours going through folders to see what fits my mood that night. The USB sticks are organized by genre, so I just kinda browse each folder for a bit and decide from there. With sets like that, I don’t feel super constrained by time so it gives me the chance to kinda treat all of the USB stick as 1 big record crate and really explore whats in there.  I did have a sort of a different mindset for this particular show, though. Seeing as how I’ve never played Rochester before, I wasn’t fully sure just what I could get away with. I just knew I wanted to tell a full story with the set. I was extremely happy with that night as a whole! Really glad it was recorded!

Whats on the horizon?
A crazy next couple of months for me. New York, Seattle then all of Detroit (with a trip to Cedar Point a couple days before Detroit!). Then it’s back to Berlin to play in Glasgow on Dec 2nd. On June 9th and 10th I have Los Angeles and Chicago. Then Barcelona and Ibiza. Then *back* to Detroit for my birthday party on June 29th. And then San Francisco, Louisville and Cleveland. Quite a bit of travelling, but at least Heidi & Elliott will be with me for most of the time stateside in late June and July. 


Affiliate of Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions and Bunker New York City, loved and respected by everyone who knows him, Derek Plaslaiko is the consummate dj’s dj. Derek has graduated from studious Detroit workhorse to globetrotting techno ambassador by diligently paying dues and djing prolifically for over twenty years. Making his home in Berlin, Plaslaiko remains 100% Detroit at heart, playing the perfect blend of gritty, electro and house-infused techno, with careful attention to detail. Known for seamless blends, staggering knowledge of music, obscure track selection, and a fun vibe behind the decks, experiencing a Plaslaiko set is a revelation everyone should have on the dancefloor.