Signals Vol. 4 Sassmouth & Shawn Rudiman

What Inspires your tandem sets?

Sassmouth: I would say a shared love for playing off each other’s energy and the crowds energy and never pre-planning anything. I have never seen someone play live the way Shawn does- he really works his machines like he’s a one man jazz improv band. This makes it so fun as a DJ playing with him- I can throw things his way and I know he will conjure up something terrific whether it’s mad acid lines or an on the fly industrial anthem.  The crowd really feeds off that kind of spontaneity.

Shawnyeah, theres a crazy energy that we sorta have…it evolved from playing gigs together.  we did it for like a half hour or so a couple times as a transition between our sets and what not.   i think the real first time was maybe here at hotmass last year.  we did the entire night like 7 hours i think.  as sam said, its the one upping of craziness that we sorta shoot for, but still trying to keep a flow and trip to the energy of the set.  i know that she’ll be able to handle/mix in and select a record to go with pretty much anything i can come up with!  and the reverse is true as she said.  its like a volley of an intense tennis game between friends! it works!  -personality wise and style wise. both sides trust the other and dont really have to guess or second guess whats going on. like a jazz band: you show up, all the players are competent or better on their instruments, and then somebody starts, then you take it from them and so forth. and just keep doing the relay!

Can you reflect upon The Party this is recorded from. That helped to inspire the output.

SassmouthIt was one of the funnest parties I’ve every played. Just a beautiful open raw concrete space with a locally-made giant custom sound system.  You guys always get all the ingredients just right for a good party! I’m trying to remember if there a full moon that night? Because the crowd had a wild energy and seemed to stay til the very end. The vibe was hazy and humid- you can actually hear the ‘rave rain’ dripping onto the records the last couple hours of the set, and me trying to wipe them down as I was playing. 

Shawnwow. that party was bananas. it was an great feeling from the start. its always good when things are set up comfortably and easy for us. you guys always have shit on point. lots of space, good arrangement. great sound etc etc. it was the perfect storm of crazy.  a raw, bunker like concrete space filled with people whove waited and really want to be there!   you cant beat that. thats a tidal wave just waiting to swamp you. i havent seen the cieling drip with that much rave rain literally since the 90s. thats as good as it gets. period. it was a combination of good people, good event, good feelings and no technical worries. it just adds up to a crazy party!

What is on the horizon for you two together and independently?

Sassmouth: I’m sure we will join forces once again and play together for a bit at Industry Brunch during Movement weekend, which has become our Midwest techno family reunion over the years. I’ve got some gigs lined up in Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Milwaukee, Edmonton and of course Chicago. Hoping to sneak over to Europe to catch one of Shawn’s gigs there this summer and scream like a maniac from the dance floor.
Shawnim hoping industry brunch will yield some crazy insanity yet again for sure!  im always open to some jam time with sam!    as for solo gigs, i have some euro dates that are pretty tentative for july.  id rather not say until theyre set in stone. its always a jinx. 🙂 thanks to you and all the crew there for the great people, hospitality,  party and the chance to talk just a bit about it all!


Sassmouth | smartbar | God Particle
Chicago’s Sam Kern, aka SASSMOUTH runs the always-on-point God Particle record label, is a resident DJ at Chicago’s Smartbar and San Francisco’s As You Like It, and with the Naughty Bad Fun Collective, is responsible for one of the most beloved events during Movement weekend in Detroit every year, Industry Brunch.


Shawn Rudiman | Detroit Techno Militia | God Particle | 7th City
Pittsburgh’s SHAWN RUDIMAN is part-man, part-animal, and part-machine.  explosive 100% hardware live performance that he is renowned for worldwide. Shawn has been a staple in the world techno community for almost two decades, playing at clubs, raves and festivals like Tresor and Movement