Signals Vol. 3 Steve Mizek & Savile

“Track List”
Air Liquide – “The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration”
Achterbahn D’amour – “Your Love (Idjut Boys Version House)”
Psychic T.V. – “Bliss”
Mood II Swing ft. John Ciafone – “Slippery Track”
Gabriel Ananda – “Ananda’s Bassmaschinchen Pt1.”
Black Ant Production  -“REM”
Jambo! – “Drumattack”
Barbara Tucker – “Stay Together” (Armand’s Crazy Trauma Mix)
Senate – “Pugilist Dub”
Dat Oven – “Chelsea Press 2” (Shunji’s Crystal Mix)
Ambivalent – “Cipher”
Tobias. – “I Can’t Fight The Feeling”
DJ Shufflemaster – Play Back Pt. 3 Session 3
Callisto – Resistance
Voices From The Lake – Drop 1
Gigi Masin – Stella Maris

What inspired this mix?
This mix reflects where we are presently as DJs — trying to find the weird, compelling intersections in our respective tastes to take people on a wild ride. 

What is on the horizon?
In 2017 we are maintaining our focus on making Argot and Tasteful Nudes the best labels they can be. This year Argot celebrates its fifth anniversary, so expect some commemoration of that little milestone. Savile keeps cranking out the jams in the Magic Cottage, so hopefully more of those will be running around soon. And together we’re hitting the road for a number of gigs in the first half of the year, including a European tour in April. 


Steve Mizek & Savile stand at the forefront of a resurgent underground in American dance music. So close you might call them brothers, the pair co-manage Argot and Tasteful Nudes, the former of which focuses on North American-based artists, while Nudes’ roster explores more international talent.


As DJs, they cover a breadth of genres and moods, priding themselves on an open-ended approach to selection that flouts expectation. Endlessly challenging one another to push beyond their comfort zones, you might hear a ballroom classic flirting with 90’s Synewave, or a sly pop hit nestled against a Chicago jack track. In 2016, they crisscrossed the United States, from LA to New York and between, and were invited to Europe for the first time to debut at the legendary Panorama Bar.  

As label managers, they are tireless champions of the budding voices behind their releases. Reinforced by Mizek’s longstanding search for the best electronic music has to offer as editor-in-chief of Little White Earbuds, Argot and Tasteful Nudes have showcased many important voices since their inception, including the Black Madonna, Amir Alexander, Royer, and Gunnar Haslam. Their work continues apace in 2017, alongside a busy touring schedule that will see them return to Europe this spring.