Signals Vol 21. Rufus Gibson ❤️


What went into making this mix?

Sup y’all. This set was taken from my monthly party ‘Rufus Gibson Presents’ on August 18th alongside Toronto OG Jason Hodges. I figured a recording from a party is much better then sitting around bored as fuck in the house recording a studio mix. It’s not as fun especially if there’s no company over and also I play completely different at a party compared to recording a mix. Just not as fun as the real thing! My normal prep for a party or set is I usually just chill out and blaze a lot of greens. I never think about shit really including the party because, “hey it’s a party not rocket science.” I always have fresh promos of unreleased material months ahead of time along with classics and some new shit that sounds like old shit so I always mix it up depending what type of room I’m working with. I have music loaded for every situation from House to Jazz to R&B to Hip Hop, so I’m ready for whatever. My normal prep is pretty carefree I’d say. After doing this shit for almost 10 years now I don’t get caught up with anxiety or any of that shit before sets. I don’t get nervous at all either. I know I can just step right up there and fuck some shit up for a hot minute.

What is new on the horizon?

As I’m typing this now, August is will be over. I’ve had a crazy fucking year so far and it’s been the busiest I’ve been. I’ve been blessed enough to have been able to share my music with people in other cities up to 2-3 times a month for the past several months on top of running the regular scheduled programs back in Buffalo. I’ll be opening up for Egyptian Lover in San Diego on the always dope Spin Nightclub Rooftop. September will be more local flow then I have some dope shit planned for the later months and winter months. Productions will be out late fall as well as I’m sitting on a fat stack of releases so those have been getting the test on the dance floor. I’m always working for house music so I stay busy and I’m always looking for the next move. This shit is basically my job so I always want to make sure I deliver it with nothing but the raw 😉


Rufus Gibson is a Buffalo native who knows a thing or two about house music. His style is highly reminiscent of the 90s, drawing an immense amount of inspiration straight from Chicago. He has a soulful, funky, jackin’ style that is a rare find among young producers and DJs these days. His mixing capabilities paired with the depth of his crate make him arguably one of the best up and coming DJs in the Northeast.