Signals Vol 19. Placid

Track List

The Barbershop – Perpetual rhythms
Gene Hunt – Distant Lands – Inner Shift
Brawther – Another Dub – Negentropy
Mark* & Matt Thibideau – Two Sides – Joule Imprint
Dan Piu – Further Electronix
The White Man ‎– The Shining Trapezohedron – Grounded in Humanity
Automatic Tasty ‎– Propaganda – Vortex Trax
Larry heard – Electrons – Alleviated
Tin Man – Heated Acid – Acid Test
Cignol – The Observable Universe
Teluric ‎– Pulsaţii Profunde – Joule Imprint
Derek Carr – Forth Coming Lp – Subwax
OTC – The Late ep – Alola

What went into making this mix, what helped inspire you?

I meticulously went through all my records one by one, thinking which ones would go together and would produce a nice flow to the mix. I then wrote down each one’s BPM and worked out which key it is in. I then made a note of how long each track is and worked out how long I can keep it in the mix. I wrote it all down on paper and then did a ‘1st draft’ mix to check the transitions. Once i was happy and I had the records worked out, I put them all in order and pressed record.

But in reality, these are all records I’ve acquired in the last month or so, so thought I’d put them in a mix. no pre planning, no anything, just put the record on and see where it takes me

Whats new on the Horizon For you?

The horizon.  More of the same.  Acquiring records, doing mixes, playing some gigs. I’m 46 now, so I’ll continue to do it as long as it makes me happy. I cant see that changing any time soon. Although I am patiently waiting for my dream deep house gig in the Carribean. Got a few things in the Pipeline with Were Going Deep


Since 1990 Placid has been spinning the platters that matter, legendary for his sets of purest 303-drenched acid and his reputation as ‘The DJ’s DJ’. Resident at London’s acid house night I Love Acid, Placid’s gigging biography has taken him to Detroit, New York, Berlin, France, Spain and Holland as well as Glastonbury and BLOC music festivals. Reputed to be owner of one of the world’s most encompassing collections of Acid House, Placid is a walking acid-house encyclopedia who can always be trusted to dig deep into his records crate to bring you a pure vinyl set of the absolute best of Acid House, Deep House, Detroit Techno, Electro and Chicago House.

Currently doing Two radio shows, Were Going Deep and Going Deeper and managing a 10000 strong group Facebook group ‘Were Going Deep’.