Signals Vol 18. Leesh

Track List

Shed – The Bot
Fax – Cue
Claro Intelecto – Night Of The Maniac
BCBG – Libra Rising
Martin Schulte – Above the Clouds
Cosmjn – Skyer
Covio & Argenis Brito – Want 2
Monoder – G3
Pablo Bolivar – Into The Televerse
J. Garcia – What’s At Stake
Jace Syntax – Loca Musica
Punisher – Soul Intersection
Smallpeople – Black Ice
Anaxander – An Unexpected Encounter
Kosh – Electronic Setups
Morphology – Inertial Motion
Delano Smith – Wires
Octo Octa – Adrift

What went into putting together this mix? What was your inspiration?

This mix is my opening set from the May REDUX party in Buffalo, N.Y. This set was quite special to me and there are so many things that brought me inspiration that night. 

After living in Buffalo for about nine years I was constantly on the dancefloor or watching my friends DJ trying to learn. I dabbled and practiced here and there for years. Started my own website (Sequencer) to write about the music I admire so much. Eventually started officially throwing parties with REDUX. 

I met Sam (Sassmouth) through Signal > Noise and she totally transformed my life and has become one of my best friends. The year 2017 I was dealing with a lot of personal issues and in turn a very serious panic disorder. But Sam asked me to come to Chicago in March that year for the Walking & Falling DJ mentorship program for woman-id/nb folks – and everything changed. It gave me the confidence and direction I needed to make changes that I had been too afraid to make. Eight months later I was selling most of my belongings and packing up my car to move to the Midwest. I didn’t have my own equipment when I first moved so Sam would often let me come over and use her studio in the meantime to practice. Between nannying and slinging espresso I finally saved up enough money to buy my own Technics. This whole experience inspired me to start Daisychain, a mix series that showcases woman-id/nb DJs and artists. Because, as I’ve experienced, sometimes the tiniest bit of space and encouragement can make a life-changing difference. I can only hope to cultivate that positive energy for others that need it.

Stepping into that booth in Buffalo that night was very emotional for me. Seeing my friends on the dancefloor for my first Buffalo underground gig. Passing the decks to Sam, the woman who brought me to this very moment in the first place. Being at my old stomping grounds and dancing and losing myself to her and Shane (Kiernan Laveaux) with my former crew. Every single bit of that energy went into this set. That was my inspiration. 


What is new on the horizon for you? 

Oh my well I am still totally glowing from Detroit this year! Looking forward to going back to the D on June 16 to play for Sexual Tension at Temple Bar. And making my Chicago debut at smartbar on July 12 for Research and Development! I’ll be plugging away every week to get these Daisychain mixes out – give it a follow for a constant stream of music from absolutely amazing women and nonbinary people! Also, I’m truly excited to announce that myself and Sherri Miller are organizing a Walking & Falling Buffalo chapter. Sherri is not only my soul sister and dancefloor partner, but as an artist and party thrower she is constantly inspiring me! I invited Sherri to Chicago to participate as a mentee during the March 2018 installation; after giving her a vinyl lesson (only one year after my own vinyl lesson with Sam) and then seeing how she is running with it – it’s just totally beautiful how much of an impact this workshop can have! Lydia Wrobel will be mentoring also! There will be a public workshop with a panel discussion, and a party or two! More information and dates to be announced!