Signals Vol 17. John Barera

Track List

Skee Mask –  Muk FM
Mr. G – Activated Pt. 2
Hoshina Anniversary – A Cid
Martyn – Nya
LA-4A – Slackline
Detroit In Effect – There Ain’t No Future
Shawn Rudiman – Works On Paper
AQXDM – Aegis
Z.I.P.P.O – Cycle
PTA – 03
Laurent Garnier – Flashback
The Aztec Mystic – Aguila

What went into making this mix? What was your inspiration? 

This mix was inspired by a recent set in Mexico City where we did a JACK DEPT party in collaboration with the EXT. crew there. 
The energy was very good and the last track I played at the very end of the night was the same one I close out this mix with. There is also a track in here from Hoshina Anniversary out of Tokyo that is coming out on JACK DEPT and some other tunes I am feeling at the moment. 

What is new on the horizon?

I am looking forward to playing Signal > Noise and then heading later this month to Europe for some dates, including my Lisbon debut. We are going to be releasing a new EP from my project B-Tracks with Soren Jahan, and also a new EP With Will Martin is in the pipeline. Looking forward to the next release on JACK DEPT from AAAA & Tin Man as well. 


John Barera is a DJ/Producer & Label owner based in New York City. He has been active as a DJ for 15 years and his musical style weaves mostly between techno and house.

Barera has played at clubs and events around North America and Europe including Public Works, Smart Bar, Panorama Bar, Fabric, Razzmatazz, Maassilo, Love Saves The Day, Tresor, Motion Bristol, Hot Mass, Institut fuer Zukunft, Tangent Gallery, EXT Mexico City, Zukunft Zurich, Elsewhere, Panther Room, Good Room and many others.

His productions have been released on various labels including Allergy Season, Argot, Episodes & Just Jack. Most notably, John’s debut album ‘Graceless’ was released on Dolly alongside Will Martin in 2014. Their new album ’Proceed to the Root’ was released on 2MR in September 2017.

John founded a techno/acid focused party and label with Volvox called Jack Dept. The coveted Brooklyn monthly began at Bossa Nova Civic Club in 2014 and the first releases came in 2016. John is also the head of Supply Records alongside Soren Jahan – a vinyl only imprint featuring an eclectic range of house and techno. Together they produce under the name B-Tracks.