Signals Vol 15. Jim K ❤️

Track List
Gari Romalis // Open Your Mind //Rue De Plaisance
Norm Talley // Bois Blanc //Rue De Plaisance
XDB // Begra // Ferox
Gari Romalis // The Drive (Metro Area mix) // Subwax Excursions
E-Dancer // Heavenly // KMS
K-Hand // Clap Yo Hands (remix) // Loveslap
Solid Gold Playaz // U with Me // Still Music
Steve O’Sullivan // Something Blue // Bluespirit
DJ Stew // Rue d’hauteville (deep mix) // Rutillance
AG // Metamorphosis Pt. 2 // Osloground
Cab Drivers // Undiscovered Truth // Cabinet
Anonym // Castaway (Orlando Voorn mix) // Bass Culture
Jeff Samuel // You Like? // Residual
Titonton // Swollen // Project

What went into making this mix?

Cramming to make Joe’s deadline, I decided on a pretty house-centered mix. With spring in the air and the window open, I couldn’t help going house-y, as I organically tend lean this way when the weather gets nice. I feel like the mix reflects winter’s transformation to the blossoming of spring (that reads corny, but it works, I’m telling ya). It’s all-vinyl, a lot of old stuff, a few classics, some obscure shit and a bunch of B-sides I recently discovered on the flips of tracks I had been playing.What is new on the horizon for you? 

What is new on the horizon for you? 

Trying to finish a pile of edits I’ve been working on finishing forever, all kinds of different stuff that I know all my DJ friends would play.


Jim Kempkes native of Rochester, NY and a stalwart of the local scene. Jim has been DJing since the early – mid 90’s. Traditionally an all vinyl DJ with a sound that is heavily influenced by Detroit stylings. Jim is also a member and resident DJ of Signal > Noise.