Signals Vol 14. UVB76 ❤️

What went into making this mix?

Last summer we took one of our drum machines and our main synth out to our friend Joe’s cabin in Wyoming County. Our goal was to record several stand-out tracks that we had created over the past 8 years, a bit of a time capsule. Our friend and honorary third member of UVB76, Frankie np, assisted us with recording and post-production. Once we had our tracks mastered, we chose the order and mixed them as if were a dj mix. 

What is new on the horizon for you? 

Our big musical performance of the summer will be August 18 at Silo City in Buffalo. On that day, will be providing the music for Just Buffalo’s Silo City Reading Series as well as the music for the after party of Torn Space Theater’s yearly site specific production. We will be creating more music, always, and playing live here and there. Additionally, we’ll be organizing several summer day parties! 


Formed in 2010 in Buffalo, New York, UVB76 is the electronic music project of Sherri Miller and Mario Fanone. Known for their stimulating rhythms, mutant melodies, and non-melodies; UVB76 cannot be confined to any specific genre. Their constantly evolving live performance often incorporates both multimedia and non-media elements.