Signals Vol 12. New Sphere Electric ❤️

Track List

Dices – Part 7 (with Nick Ossia)
uon – sUB1
Dolo Percussion – Dolo 7
Stress – Stump (Deep Mix)
DJ Neewt – Syggo
Parris – 2 Vultures (featuring O$VMV$M)
Orphidal – Insecurities
Leif – Number 13
UA-X – Marine Memory
Prism – 4° C (Spacetime Continuum Remix)
Marcellus Pittman – T.O.M. Project (Remix)
Asian Psilocybe Foundation – Aokigahard (with Tobi)
Huerta – Eistree
Reekee – Bal-Era (GU’s Desert Eagle Mix)
Christian Jay – Enclave
Robert Dietz – Kinda Nice
Callisto – Elektribes
Morenas – Somnambulism
Nick Holder Ft. Zaki – Swimming (Instrumental Mix)
DaRand Land – Our Future Now (Linkwood Remix)
Spazz – Beattie And The Beat

What went into making this mix?

Eleven vinyl records and ten digital tracks to be exact 🙂 Tried to showcase some regional talent by including tracks from DaRand Land, Stress, and UA-X.

What is new on the horizon for you?

We’ve got Strange Allure Volume 15 going down April 21 with Kris Guilty and Gene Tellem from Montreal along with myself. Beyond that, organizing some spring and summer shows, wrapping up the UA-X record for the first release on New Sphere Electric, and completing a couple other production projects that’ll hopefully see releases in the near-ish future.


Alex French aka New Sphere Electric. Hails from Buffalo, NY by way of Cleveland, OH. Head of upstart label of the same name New Sphere Electric and part of the Buffalo Collective Strange Allure.