Signals Vol 11. Bflo Lydia ❤️

Track List

Patti LaBelle: Music Is My Way Of Life (Joey Negro Funk In The Music Mix)Patti LaBelle
Urban Soul & Roland Clark: Have A Good Time (Mr. V 2013 Stomp The Club Edit)
Mendo and Yvan Genkins: Gods On Hill (Original Mix)
Chuck Daniels & Jeremy Joshua: Oppurtunity (Original Mix)
Sonny Fodera: Keep Me Going
DJ Sneak: Body Talkin’ (DJ Mes Town Business Mix)
Rufus Gibson: Funky Man’s Gibson (Original Mix)
Chris Simmonds: I Changed My Mind (Original Mix)
Sante Sansone & Roland Clark: House Nation (Riva Starr Edit)
DJ Lil’Tal: U Kinda Large (T.G.I.T. Mix)
Stacy Kidd & Mike Dixon feat. Joi Williams: Don’t Let No One Get U Down (Main Mix)
Big Punisher: I’m Not a Player (Original Mix)

What went into making this mix?

Honestly, I just busted it out. Over a decade ago before I started playing out on the regular, I used to prefer making mixes at home vs. a gig. I’d record something over and over at home until I couldn’t stand it anymore just to see how perfect I could get the mix. But then I started regularly playing out at bars, different gigs and parties, and that’s when I began to vibe out on the energy of the party as a DJ, vs. just playing excessively for myself or posting those privately made mixes online. So somewhere in there I started somewhat disliking recording a mix at home. I began to feel that my live mixes, made on the fly at parties (I don’t create set lists ahead of time, ever), were so much better, but at the same time then I never recorded those mixes. Call me lazy, but setting up the recorder – my own recorder – at a party that’s a complete shit show was just too much to bother with. So if the promoter/organizer didn’t record my set or messed up recording it, it just wasn’t recorded.

For this mix, I came home from work one day after having recorded another mix for a friend’s podcast the previous week, and just wanted to get this one done! But I was inspired from the mix for that friend because I had a bunch of digital tracks I’d not played much and didn’t put on that first mix, that I wanted to put on this one. So I was familiar with those tracks – they’d been on my drives for a while, getting some play here and there. When it came time to record this one, I pressed “record” and just went through a few of my favorite folders of music, and this is what I came up with on the first recording. Honestly, it’s only the 2nd mix I’ve recorded on CDJs. All my other recordings have been on vinyl. There are some parties from the past two years when I’ve been playing digitally way more that I am SO SAD I don’t have recordings of, because honestly, they were FIRE. So that’s why I’m happy with this one on the first try. And I like that there are a few spots in this one that you can tell I’m mixing “vinyl-style,” or by ear where I speed the platter up or slow it down as if I was playing vinyl.

What is new on the horizon for you?

One thing is that I’m always interested in teaching friends or acquaintances how to DJ – it’s just what I do, share the wealth and knowledge. Not everyone who finds out I do that and has me give them a few lessons actually pursues it. But I like to share with them how it all works, so even if they are “just” fans of the scene, they have more of an appreciation of how DJing works. So there are a few people I have learning at various levels in the wings. Maybe I’ll do a mix with one or two of those folks soon!

Also on the horizon is getting out of Buffalo and WNY for some gigs, which I’ve done sporadically before. As much as I love to travel, I also love my down-time, my alone time to nap, read and hang out with my dogs. So that’s part of the reason I never pursued DJing all over as my full-time thing. But now that I’m older and my life is somewhat in order, I’m looking to find some worthwhile gigs (that’s a whole other question… what’s a “worthwhile” gig at this stage in time) that will get me out there, meeting new people who challenge me as a DJ and that I can learn from, whether it’s to learn about new artists, new ways to use my DJ equipment, or just to see a new place. What I’m definitely not doing right now is hosting my own parties. I did that for a few years and it was great, I learned a lot, but I just don’t like throwing my own parties. I mean, obviously I love the party part. But it’s the finding a venue and all the shit work that goes into planning a party that’s hard to do unless you have a really stable, responsible crew of people to help you put it on how you want. The parties I threw were always small and intimate, but even those kind of parties, when it’s just you or you and a friend throwing them, it can be tough to lug equipment out on a monthly basis and not get sick of the shit that goes with it (noise violations, shitty venue owners, etc.). But I sure love playing other people’s parties!

I’m also looking to record more mixes like this one – busting it out with just one recording and not that much specific planning, just general reliance on my constant curating of tracks. Whether that’s getting them posted on friends’ sites, like Daisychain from Alicia Greco in Chicago, or for you guys in Rochester at Signal > Noise, or my own Soundcloud.

I’m finally excited and confident about playing digitally on CDJs and just having to bring flash drives to a set vs. a box of vinyl that’s gonna kill my back. Of course, I still have all my vinyl in my house and I’ll certainly play it again at some point, but it’s just kind of packed away with my turntables for a little while. I’ve actually been sitting on 4 bins of unsorted vinyl (I have an extensive organizational system that takes me quite some time to sticker each record) so those have just been sitting there as I’ve been digging into digital tunes the past couple years. It’s ironic… when everyone else went digital in the mid-late 2000s, I was getting totally psyched about scooping up lots of vinyl. Now that vinyl’s “cool” again, it’s right when I’m getting into buying more digital! Maybe I’m inspired by all the female/queer/non-binary artists that are being loved and supported lately into trying something that’s new to me? I feel like there are so many new, non-mainstream DJs on my radar lately, and that is definitely inspiring. Ten to 15 years ago, before SoundCloud and other Internet things, it was hard to feel like you weren’t alone in the scene as a female trying to learn DJing. So I am really vibing out on that inspiration and trying to harness that energy to keep digging deeper.


Lydia is a house music DJ from Buffalo, NY, USA. She is old, crotchety and plays gay Jesus disco house. Lydia started buying vinyl in 1999, DJing in 2002, and playing on CDJs in 2014. One of her favorite sets was when she opened for The Black Madonna at a Signal > Noise party in Rochester, N.Y. Lydia’s favorite party pals are her pugs, Frodo and Daisy, who have accompanied her to gigs. For event info and all things house, follow Lydia’s Buffalo House Music Preservation Society: