Signals Vol. 1 Phillip Stone

Track List:
Coni ‘Louis & Juno’ (The trilogy tapes)
Alvin Aronson ‘Fog City’ (white material)
Linkwood ‘love lost’ Nummer rmx (firecracker)
Alvin Aronson ‘mat’ (nord)
Benoit B ”Ufer’ (banileue)
Coni ”Zex Plongeon’ (the trilogy tapes)
Alvin Aronson ‘extension’ (white material)
Jean Nipon & The Magendie High School ‘Avoid Romance’ (LIES)
Obsolete Music Technology ‘inner voice’ (Emphasis)
Jean Nipon & The Magendie High School ‘Tepco Cunts’ (LIES)
Sound Patrol ‘Magnetisme’ (Arts & Labour)
Sound Patrol ‘Griff’s Opus’ (Arts & Labour)
Alvin Aronson ‘Brain Gray’ (Nord)
Alvin Aronson ‘Drone Techno’ (White Material)
Alvin Aronson ‘High Rise’ (Nord)
Vincent Floyd ‘I Am So Deep’
Dj Shark ‘Double Sunset’ (Unknown To The Unknown)
Seixlack ‘Damas’ (777)
Linkwood ‘Object’ Ghost of The Sky Rmx (Firecracker)
Seixlack ‘Metados’ (777)
Jean Nipon ‘Women’s Facility’ Conjugal Mix (LIES)
Benoit B ‘Astral Traveling’ (Banlieue)
Jordan GCZ ‘Sus’ (Rush Hour)
What went into making this mix?
This mix is basically what I normally do when I make a mix, which is just pull some stuff that I know will work together or have the sound I’m looking to create.  Press record & see where it goes. It also turned out to just be all new records I just got, & I basically went back & forth between a lot of them as you might not notice when listening but can pick up on in the tracklist.

Whats on the horizon?
Up next for me is hopefully some more gigs at Smartbar where I’m a resident & more gigs elsewhere.  I also play on WNUR in Chicago from time to time for Streetbeat, so hopefully more of that as well.  Feeling great about what has been going down in the States, and the Midwest especially.  Lot of greats crews & parties doing great things & working together as one which is what this all about


Phillip Stone comes from the outskirts of Chicago, where he had an early exposure as a teenager to the Midwestern Rave scene. Those experiences along with getting into the vinyl culture at an early age influenced him to explore deeper. One thing led to another and a hobby turned into something more. He made a name for himself by opening for artist from all over in key downtown clubs & underground venues, as well as many after-hour parties. Having a love for all forms of music, your likely to hear a wide range of the audio spectrum. While trying not to take things too seriously, his focus has & always will be on basics of getting people moving & connecting through music.

Having 14 years of playing vinyl and decade of playing in all the cities clubs, he has shared the decks with the likes of Dan Bell, Tama Sumo, Moritz Von Oswald, Seth Troxler, and many many more influential artist. His sound has also brought him to play at the Winter Music Conference & Movement festivals parties, as well as playing in New York (Bar 13 & Marcy Hotel), Detroit (The Works & Old Miami), Miami (PS-14 & Karu & Y), and in Athens (Candy Bar). Your most likely to hear him at the Tied, NBFC, MiM underground parties or at the helm of Smartbar, where he is a resident. He has contributed to many respected podcast you can easily find on the web and has an extensive listing of live mixes. He has a passion and love for sharing this music.