Signals Vol. 2 Bill Converse

What went into preparing your selections for the nights set? What inspired you to take the evening into the direction it went?
I guess that In a way I had been preparing for it the whole time I was on tour in Eu, it was the first show back in the US and the last show of the tour as well. I had the the same bag of records with me of course  but I was excited to see how the selections I had made for the shows in Eu would be received back in the states. so I put a different kind of energy into the same bag of records I had with me for about a month up to that point, I think it went over well. as far as the direction I went, I never really have clear idea of the course I’m going to take, I like to play off the feedback from the crowd but always take the lead and learn a few things along the way.

Whats new on the horizon?
I have a few projects coming up, theres another Album on Dark Entries thats all new material which I’m very excited to hear pressed onto wax. an EP on Patricia’s new label Active Cultures, I’ve also been recording new material and stocking it up; letting it ferment and am waiting to hear it again with a fresh set of ears in a couple months and I’m still DJing and digging for records every day. 


BILL CONVERSE may reside in Austin, Texas but his music may as well originate on another undiscovered planet. It’s safe to say that no one is currently pushing the boundaries of underground dance music like the man. Whether it’s his intense, psychedelic DJ sets or mind-blowing original productions on the DARK ENTRIES and OBSOLETE FUTURES labels, Converse represents the vanguard of techno music today. Fusing elements of electro, experimental, IDM and ambient with hypnotic dance grooves, Bill Converse sonically transports listeners to expansive, mysterious new realms, revealing echoes of an ancient past and whispers of an inconceivable future.