SIGNAL > NOISE V2.1: With Love from Signal > Noise and Sole Rehab: Gay Marvine and d’Adhemar
Saturday, July 16 at 10:00pm - 4:00am
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An epic CELEBRATION of Rochester Pride. An EXPLORATION of current and classic house, techno and disco sounds rocking the global underground club circuit. Brought to you WITH LOVE from stewards of Rochester’s dance music underground, SIGNAL > NOISE and SOLE REHAB.


GAY MARVINE [San Francisco]

[Bath House Etiquette, Secret Mixes Fixes]

A hero of the hedonistic and savant of funky grooves. Known by hip DJs internationally for his disco-tized edits and tracks on labels Bath House Etiquette and Secret Mixes Fixes, his wild and uninhibited DJ sets have worked bodies into formless, pulsating masses around the world. Recently a featured act at the 2016 Movement Festival in Detroit, Gay Marvine preserves the sweaty, subterranean spirit of those beloved, bygone bastions of beat: The Loft and The Paradise Garage. When Gay Marvine is behind the mixer, there’s a party on the dancefloor that doesn’t let up ’til the lights come on.


D’ADHEMAR [Washington DC]

[Honcho PGH]

A product of DC and Baltimore’s 90s club scene, d’Adhemar’s DJ and promoter chops come descended from involvement with Filler, a weekly left-field electronic night he threw with sound artist Richard Chartier. Whether it’s sun-drenched disco, jackin’ house, or a journey into dark room techno, his sound has found a home through his residency at Pittsburgh’s rowdy all-nighter, HONCHO. Held at the HOT MASS after-hours club, Honcho’s monthly spectacle of beards and sweat provides an atmosphere where inhibitions are shed, reviving the role of the queer party as a keystone of dance music culture.


JIM KEMPKES [Rochester]

[Signal > Noise]


Sold Out.

directions: 45 Euclid Street